student leadership in schools


Developed by Parenting author and former Australian educator of the Year awardee Michael Grose, the Young Leaders Program is a unique student leadership program that aims to empower senior primary school students to develop their leadership skills and make a positive difference in their communities.

The program contains full student leadership lesson plans, student workbooks and leadership activities so you can create your own student leadership training program.

The Young Leaders Program is three programs in one – 1.Personal leadership and 2. Public leadership for all students, and 3.Induction & mentoring for (s)elected school leaders.

The Young Leaders Program is a flexible program that helps students develop their leadership potential and greater understanding of leadership through engaging activities, at home projects and ongoing support and mentoring.

The program covers five key themes: responsibility, teamwork, organisation, presentation skills and emotional intelligence. By participating in the program, students will:

– Discover their strengths, passions and goals
– Learn how to communicate effectively, collaborate with others and resolve conflicts
– Develop a greater understanding of leadership and its place in all aspect of life
– Develop a sense of empathy, respect and appreciation for diversity and inclusion
– Gain in confidence, creativity and compassion

The Young Leaders Program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit different contexts, needs and interests. You can also integrate the program with your existing subjects, clubs or events.

The Young Leaders Program is beneficial for students, and also for teachers, schools and parents. Schools will enhance their reputation and culture by fostering a positive learning environment and showcasing their students’ achievements. Parents will be proud of their children’s growth and involvement in meaningful projects.

The Young Leaders Program is a valuable and rewarding opportunity for your primary school. By implementing this program in your curriculum, you can provide your students with a holistic and transformative learning experience that will benefit them for years to come. You can also contribute to the development of the next generation of leaders who will shape the future of our society.


2. This part extends the key learnings of the previous part of the program to include leadership of others. It’s best used in the final year of primary school.


Personal Leadership


Public Leadership


Induction & Mentoring

1. This part of the program is introduced in the second last primary school year and focuses on developing a student’s self-leadership abilities.

3. This part provides training for selected school leaders and support them throughout their time as leaders.


In line with modern teaching practice the Young Leaders Program develops key mindsets, or habits of the mind, for long-term leadership development.

These mindsets support the development of the building blocks of leadership.


Everyone benefits when you nurture student leadership.

  • STUDENTS build real world skills and competencies such as presentation and social skills that last a lifetime.
  • ELECTED STUDENT leaders do extraordinary things when they are prepared for their roles, feel supported and experience continual development.
  • PARENTS love seeing their children become more cooperative, confident and willing take on initiative at home and in the community.
  • TEACHERS report less student bullying and experience more responsible, caring behaviours among students when leadership is prioritised in a school.
  • SECONDARY SCHOOL STAFF remark on the greater maturity and readiness for the first year of secondary education when students come from primary schools with a leadership focus.