Below you’ll find answers to some common questions we get asked bout the Young Leaders Program.


Is there a student leadership framework for teachers to build upon?

The Young Leaders Program provides a research-backed student leadership framework that teachers can build upon in class and outside class time. The framework includes:

  • Responsibility
  • Presentation Skills
  • Organisation
  • Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence

What year levels is the Young Leaders Program suitable for?

The Young Leaders Program is designed for the last two years of primary school. Part 1 Personal leadership is best conducted in the second last year and Part 2 Public leadership is best conducted in the last year of primary school.

Is leadership training for all students?

Every child has the potential to be a leader given the right circumstances and support. Some children show leadership in the classroom, others in sport, at home, in the community or other environments. All children benefit when they are exposed to leadership development activities.The Young Leaders Program teaches leadership concepts, develops leadership language and teaches what leadership is about to all students in the last two years of primary school.

How are elected or selected leaders catered for?

Part 3 of the Young Leaders Program supports school captains, house captains, peer mediators, student representative councillors with and specifically designed induction program and its innovative mentoring program. The Young Leaders Program offers twelve months of support for each elected student leader, which is why this program is so popular in schools.

How long does the program take to conduct?

Part 1 and Part 2 of the Young Leaders Program can be conducted in under eight weeks, so it’s easy to integrate into busy schedules. Each lesson takes about one hour with some of the activities in Part 2 to be completed at home. The Induction Program in Part 3 includes approximately 5 hours of contact time. The mentoring program requires monthly meetings of all student leaders.

Are lesson plans provided?

Yes, all lesson plans, resources and easy to follow manuals are supplied in print and electronic form for easy reproduction.

Does the student leadership program involve parents?

As well as at-home student leadership activities for student to complete, the program provides letters and information to send home to parents informing them about the program.

Is extra teacher training required?

No. A trained primary teacher can easily conduct the program. There is a Quick Start guide to help teacher get started straight away.

Are there student workbooks?

Yes, student workbooks are provided in electronic format so you can produce as many copies as you need.

When is the best time to introduce the Young Leaders Program to students?

Any time of the year. Although conducting the program in term 1 or early term provides a strong platform to build upon throughout the year. Most schools conduct the Induction Program either at the end of the school year in preparation for the following year or in the first weeks of term 1.

Is the Young Leaders Program suitable for my school?

Yes. The Young Leaders Program is suitable for primary school students in any Australian state. There are government, catholic and independent schools in every state in Australia benefitting from  the Young Leaders Program.

Is the Young Leaders Program designed and written by teachers?

Yes. The Young Leaders Program was designed by former Victorian Education Department teacher and curriculum consultant Michael Grose. The lessons and activities were designed and created by experienced primary teacher Sue McAdam in consultation with practising teachers.

My school is not in Australia. Can I use the Young Leaders Program?

Absolutely. The Young Leaders Program has been used by schools in New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore and the USA.


I just ordered the program. How long will it take?

We endeavour to ship the Young Leaders Program within 2 working days after an order is received. It is often quicker, however we’ve a reputation for under promising and over delivering.

Delivery times within Australia can vary but you can reasonably expect to receive your program within 7-10 working days after your order is received.

Do you offer express postage?

Yes, express post is available. Choose this option when ordering online.

What payments methods do we accept?

We accept credit card payments via PayPal. Credit card payments are the most expedient form of payment and will enable the fastest possible delivery.

Can you post the program overseas?

Yes, the program can be posted anywhere in the world. Delivery time will vary according to the location.