An in-school student leadership program that actually works.

  • Improve behaviour.
  • Build student confidence.
  • Transform school culture.

The Young Leaders Program helps teachers develop student leadership skills in the final two years of primary school. It’s easy-to-run and takes little teacher or class time. It’s the most comprehensive leadership program in Australia today.

It’s provided as a kit containing everything a teacher needs to conduct a successful student leadership program including:

“It’s astounding that so many schools reinvent the student leadership wheel when a resource like the Young Leaders Program is readily available. Michael Grose’s work has long been the benchmark for building leadership skills in all students, not just those who wear a badge.“


Adam Voigt

Founder and CEO of Real Schools

“For more than two decades, Michael Grose has been at the forefront of supporting educators, parents, and young people. His Young Leaders Program is an elegant culmination of his of experience and is a fabulous foundation for a new generation of Australian leaders.”


Dr. Justin Coulson

Parenting educator, Director of Happy Families

“A fantastic opportunity to access practical, proven and pragmatic resources for busy teachers. A huge benefit is a link with ‘at home’ activities to get parents and whole families involved. What a wonderful way to develop future leaders!”


Karen-Tui Boyes

CEO Spectrum Education

“There’s been a huge improvement in our senior students’ leadership since we began using the Young Leaders Program.  The framework is terrific, allowing us to build a strong student leadership culture at Mackellar PS.”


Jo Wood
Leading teacher, Mackellar PS Victoria, Australia

“The Young Leader’s Program’s framework is comprehensive, the activities are practical and fun, and teachers are skilfully guided from start to finish. I would have loved for both of our children to have had access to this program.”


Dr. Jodi Richardson

Speaker, author, podcaster, educator

“As a leadership expert in corporate Australia the best leaders are those that have had the best training as kids. The Young Leaders Program is one that will that stand out in their lives of many of our future leaders.”


Ricky Nowak

Leadership expert and speaker

“The Young Leaders Program offers so much to students, schools and communities. Developing critical thinking and problem solving, as well as skills such as organisation, responsibility, emotional intelligence and teamwork pave the way for children to thrive.”


Martine Oglethorpe

Digital wellbeing educator