Student lead service projects achieve the leadership trifecta – they develop essential skills, build good will throughout your school and benefit the broader community.

They are a practical demonstration of what your school stands for, showing that you’re part of the community’s fabric.

They demonstrate that your school isn’t a learning silo, but part of a close, healthy community.


Which school are you?

Primary schools generally fit into one of three service categories:

1.Hardy Annuals.  These are schools with long-established service projects which leaders acts as stewards for each year. The same events (pet show, club program, stuffed animal drive) are held annually, allowing leaders to follow an established activity template.

2. Spring Blooms.  Students in these schools primarily respond to fellow student ideas and expressed community concerns. They create service projects that meet current needs or causes such as collecting items for a time capsule, creating a recycling program, or raising funds for an animal shelter.

3. Edible Garden. These are schools where students spread their activities across the school year so that there is always a student-led project or activity around the corner. This model uses a mix of hardy annuals and spring blooms.


The Service leadership model

Early this year I asked six primary school principals from Young Leaders schools what drove their student leadership programs.

Specifically, I asked why they did what they did with students leaders?

After some discussion each agreed that promoting a sense of service was the main aim of their student leadership programs.

Yes, many leadership activities are highly engaging and the subsequent promotion of presentation skills, organisational abilities and teamwork, were beneficial. But they were secondary outcomes to the service-oriented approach where the benefits were deep (long-term) and wide (impacting many people).


Service is the BIG picture

Teaching kids that to lead is to serve and developing their capabilities with that end in mind is the best preparation for the family, workplace and community leadership roles that they will step into as adults.

Service-oriented leadership is essential to the future of a civil society. It’s why explicit leadership development is becoming common place in primary schools.

Everyone benefits when student leadership with a service-orientation gets the attention it deserves.

Service is at the heart of the Young Leaders way of student leadership.



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